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ChopTop and his chicken like to watch TV together. See what is on the tube and pick Choptop's least favorite show to move to the next room.
Today in the local news. Southview Cemetery has been vandalized yet again. Police are investigating the disturbance of several graves in the cemetery. Only some of the body parts had been removed. If you have loved one's at Southview and are concerened about vadilisim, please call the local Sheriffs office immediately.
Moving eye ball
Eye Scream
Local weather: Hot...what else. It's just hot...winters hot..springs and fall..those are hot too.Why is it so hell hot here? I mean what did we do to deserve this kind of hellish weather. Why do I even show up here everyday? It's the same thing, hot hot, hot You got that HOT!
Today on Food Network: 8:00 Am: Bacon. Meat of the morning. 10:00 AM: Bacon Grease. It's more than just lard. 101 uses for homemade lard. 6:00 PM: Chicken parts. What ot do with them! Chicken head soup. Chicken feet Snacks. Moving eyeball
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