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Pete Loaf

A guy named Pete

Some old onions

1 egg

Green peppers


Greased baking pan




Catch a guy named Pete

Conk him over the head with a war club

Section him with a hacksaw and grind him into bits

Chop up onions, potatoes and pepper with scissors

Mix up all the pieces in a hollow dog skull

Beat in egg (kicking the chicken optional)

Pat loaf into greasy pan

Top with bacon strips

Bake in furnace

Remove, slice and serve with ketchup


Serves 4 adults or six fussy kids





Tongue Sandwich (so good it will leave you speechless)

2 heads with tongues inside (or just two tongues without heads)

2 slices of bread

1/2 lb. of butter (or margarine)

1 cup blood juice (best human)


Pull tongue as far as possible and remove with serrated knife

(you should keep the heads for bits you would like to use on the sandwich)

Pour blood juice in a small bowl

Place tongues in bowl to marinate for ten minutes

Lightly fry tongues in a small skillet until surface is lightly brown

Butter the pieces of bread and place choice of topping (preferably from the 2 heads)

Place a small amount of blood juice on the bread

Then Place the tongues in the bread with the toppings and viola!


feeds 1

1 -2 -3 -4