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Sloppy Joe

1 guy named Joe

1 industrial meat grinder

Tomato sauce

Hamburger buns


Take a guy named Joe

Conk him over the head with a claw hammer

Grind his body into little red strings

Heat in cauldron over campfire

Mix in tomato sauce

Slop on to hamburger buns

Serve with potato chips and celery stix


Feeds twenty





Eyeball Pate

12 eyeballs

1 fish bowl

1 oz. gasoline

1 skwoosher


Place eyeballs into fishbowl ( if no fishbowl an old washtub will do)

Skwoosh 'em up into jelly

Add gasoline to form a paste

Keep skwooshing

Dump paste into a hole in the ground

Wait 2 weeks for paste to harden

Dig up

Cut into thin strips

Serve on rye crisps


Feeds 5

1 -2 -3 -4