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Scalp Souffle


1 human scalp

4 eggs



Tenderize scalp

Remove dandruff (save in bowl)

Separate yolks from whites

Beat whites into froth

Fold in yolks

Soak scalp in seasoned egg mess

Pour into pan

Bake at 350 for 18 minutes

Remove and slice up

Sprinkle dandruff over each portion

Serve on chilled plates

Feeds 4





Human Helper


4 lbs. human leftovers (scrotums, pimples, socket jelly, birthmarks, and bunions)

1oz. daddy longlegs

2 clumps skunkweed

Pinch of bellybutton lint

2 cups dog vomit


Brown leftovers in fry pan; drain

Stir in sauce mix, dog vomit

Heat till boiling, stirring occasionally with grampa's hairbrush

Let cool for 5 minutes

Eat with fingers (yours or others)

Serves 8

Bone Apetit !

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